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House Select Committee Deletes Scathing Proximal Origins Report

Maryam covered the House Select Committee on Oversight and Accountability's most recent attempt to provide no oversight or accountability around the topic of the proximal origins of COVID-19.

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In light of the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability’s most recent removal of their report on the Proximal Origin of COVID-19 from their website, I called their office to see what their reasoning was. I was told that it was a computer glitch and that it should be back up soon. Looking at the site today, it is still nowhere to be seen.

A hearing was held this last week to discuss the origins of COVID-19, and shortly after that, a 55 page report that was once published on their site was removed. This report contested the mainstream narrative that COVID-19 originated in a wet market.

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These screenshots were taken from the now deleted report.

Dr. Jeremy Farrar is the Chief Scientist at the World Health Organization and is the former director of The Wellcome Trust:


Here is the paper written by Dr. Kristian Anderson in Nature where he attempts to pin the source of COVID-19 to the wet market. The deleted report shows the supposed cover-up and discounts the original paper written by Dr. Anderson.

CONCLUSION From a Now Disappeared Govt. Report || Bethesda Boys & The Anatomy of #ProximalOrgins Cover-Up:

"The stated goal of Proximal Origin—the paper suggested and prompted by Dr. Fauci— was to “disprove” the lab leak theory. 

Dr. Andersen stated that refuting a possible lab leak was how Proximal Origin got started. While the exact motives to want to downplay a specific theory are not clear, the authors‘ communications suggest they wanted to avoid blaming China and defend gain-of-function research.


Dr. Fauci and Dr. Collins were intimately involved throughout the process—so much so that the authors coined the phrase “Bethesda Boys” to describe them. The conclusions of Proximal Origin rest on three main arguments: 

(1) the presence of a  non-optimal RBD and that RBD appears in other viral sequences—particularly pangolins, 

(2)  the presence or furin cleavage sites in other coronaviruses, and 

(3) the concept that any laboratory manipulation would have used an already published viral backbone. Each of these arguments is flawed and rests on unsupported assumptions.    

When it came time to publish, Dr. Collins gave his approval for publication and said he was very happy with the final product. At first, the journal Nature rejected Proximal Origin because it did not discount a lab leak strong enough. To ensure publication in Nature  Medicine, the authors claimed that no laboratory-based scenario is plausible, fulfilling Nature’s critique and attempting to kill the lab leak hypothesis.  

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After publication, Proximal Origin was used to downplay the lab leak hypothesis and call those who believe it may be true conspiracy theorists. Dr. Fauci and Dr. Collins tracked the paper through the review and publication process. 

And finally, Dr. Collins expressed dismay when  Proximal Origin did not successfully kill the lab leak theory. He subsequently asked Dr. Fauci if there was anything more they could do. The next day, Dr. Fauci directly cited Proximal Origin from the White House podium.    

On January 31, 2020, Dr. Fauci prompted Proximal Origin, which’s goal was to  “disprove” the lab leak theory to avoid blaming China for the COVID-19 pandemic. Proximal  Origin employed fatally flawed science to achieve its goal. And, finally, Dr. Collins and Dr.  Fauci used Proximal Origin to attempt to kill the lab leak theory. 

This is the anatomy of a cover-up.”

From the now deleted House report on the Proximal Origin of COVID-19


The fact that they are hiding this document from the public shows that they are not operating in good faith, and are most likely in the process of covering their tracks. It’s sad when a committee that is literally formed around oversight and accountability is willing to spit in the face of the public by exercising zero oversight or accountability.

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