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Hi! FYI The rumble link above is givin a 404. Thx! Hi 5 girl!

EDIT: its the very first link entitled RUMBLE. its linking to your name rather than truthliveshere. Love ya girl!

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Yeah, she goes way back for me along with Elana Freeland, Clif and Clif, David Icke, and Dean Henderson to round out my 20 plus year rabbit hole dig. Books taking up a shelf and EMF meter and numerous other confirming “stuffs”. Too many other notables to mention including you who round out what I call the real deal s!!

Everything evil is connected!

All good emanates from a love grounded heart.

Heart chakra is the key as once that is obtained by shutting down the ego then life is really real!

An ongoing battle. It’s like the love wants to reoriginate from the mind emotionally as egoism and demonic entities fill that void left in the heart.

Nuf said, be tuning in. Thanks in advance

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